Level Up Lifestyle Membership

If you improve by 1% each day, by the end of the year your 365% better

At one point, both of us recognized that we were destined for more.
Although we found our calling through holistic health coaching, we understand that many of our clients are still searching. They feel disconnected from their true purpose, oftentimes feeling burdened by excuses in the process.
Honoring their health has taken the back burner as they limit themselves through a negative mindset. Although they have limitless creative potential, they allow past trauma and emotions to stress them out, stifling their abilities. Without proper self care, they’ve drained themselves of pivotal life energy. 


Does this sound familiar?

If so, we’re happy to share the good news. Consistency + Mentoring = TRANSFORMATION! 

Level Up Lifestyle Membership experience is designed to help you show up little by little each day with support and guidance along the way! 
Imagine the freedom, success, and purpose you'd feel ONE YEAR from now, if you just took the first step, today! 

Are You Ready to Start Chapter 2? 

 If you’re serious about creating a loving and lasting relationship with your mind,
body, and spirit, our Level Up Membership is here for you!

Release the inner judgements that are causing you pain. Liberate yourself from debilitating stress. Discover the true meaning and purpose of your life.


 Curious? Let’s start the next chapter of your life, together!


As a Level Up Lifestyle member, you’ll receive exclusive access to:

  • Bi-weekly LIVE coaching calls with Louis/Sidney each month 
  • Weekly video lessons you can dive into on your OWN time along with resources to help you take the knowledge to the next level 
  • Community of Like Minded Individuals (You are the sum of the five closest people around you!)
  • Resources and tools to strengthen your alignment to your TRUTH and HIGHEST SELF 
  • Access to all lessons as the months continue
  • Discover and create a LOVING relationship with your mind, body, and spirit so you release the judgements and the feeling of being at odds with yourself
  • Monthly membership style- cancel anytime! (no strings attached)
  • “Ask-a-coach” forum: ask your personalized questions to Louis and I, any time of day or night (<< this is outside of our live coaching calls! 

Monthly Membership


Coaching at $24/week!!


  • 2 Certified Holistic Health Coaches
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Office Hours for Personalized Coaching
  • Access to our Level-Up Coaching Technique with video series, workbooks, and resources to do at your own pace
  • Community of Like Minded People to help hold you Accountable
  • Access to all lessons as the months continue
  • Monthly Membership Style, pay as you go

Annual Membership


30% off annual membership


  • Discover and create a LOVING relationship with your mind, body, and spirit so you release the judgements and the feeling of being at odds with yourself
  • For Individuals ready to level up their lifestyle & mindset: Learn how to honor their truest self, so they can live a life of freedom, success, and worthiness!

  • Everything that comes with the monthly, but 50% off! + a Bonus Vision Board Course to help get you clear on your goals.

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