Want to take back control of your life?


Want to heal your relationship with your mind and body so you can tap into more JOY!?


NOURISH, The Soul-Centric Approach to healing your relationship with your mind and body!  A course to help you heal yourself and take your power back!  




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NOURISH is for anyone who feels disconnected from their body & wants to find peace within when it comes to health!



Transform the world around you & engage in a better practice that allows you to stay connected to your desires when life happens!

That's why we created NOURISH

A return to love.

It’s finding the freedom to love yourself and make choices in love despite what you may be feeling about yourself on any given day.


We are reclaiming our power within and releasing the story that our body is not enough the way it is.  


The six-week soul-centric course was created to help rework the shame and restrictive habits left behind as a result of diet culture. 

We are throwing away all the rules, NO MORE "SHOULDS" and "MUSTS"   that don't align with our happiness and truth!


To be yourself in this world, TO LOVE YOURSELF in this world, is a RADICAL ACT. It is ballsy as hell. 

CHOOSING TO NOURISH YOURSELF: The Journey to transformation and lasting health

NOURISH w/FOOD: FREEDOM from Food Rules 


NOURISH your MIND: Decide what YOU want! Identify the NEGATIVE stories and beliefs

NOURISH by MOVEMENT: Movement that FEELS GOOD- Choosing what works! 


$3,234 VALUE


"Sidney and Louis are the dream team you need!! Whether you’re feeling a lack of motivation, lack of direction, or you’re just feeling off — these two will be here for you and help you get back on track!


This year has been tough for so many of us. I’ve been struggling with a type of depression I haven’t ever really experienced before and these two have truly been a light in the dark. Sidney and Louis have dedicated themselves to uplifting their clients to stand in their power in a way only they can. These two truly just want us to live our lives as the best version of ourselves and it shows! Like I said, dream team!"

- Arri P.

When I first started working with Sidney, I was in the middle of my second year of teaching and had lost track of myself. I had given up on a consistent workout routine and felt a lot of shame around taking time for self-care.

I had forgotten that my students needed to see an example of what I wanted for them—a vibrant and purposeful life. In a couple months time, I had found a sustainable workout routine, dialed in my nutrition, and gained insight on how to go after my goals. Although I gained strength in my fitness routine, it was the positive changes in my confidence and my own self-worth that made all of the difference. Since working with Sidney, I have been more intentional in my everyday life, which has allowed me to go after my dreams of being a college music professor, travel, create more meaningful relationships, and connect deeper to my purpose. Her constant support and outlook on life helped me align my purpose with the confidence, integrity, and energy necessary to go after my dreams.

—Kiernan S.

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Being healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive.

Health and happiness doesn’t have to be some day.

You are worthy of having it now.


Health starts by nourishing your mind, body, and soul from the inside out!

 Develop a clear understanding of your needs, make informed decisions on eating, and movement-based on what feels yummy for you! 


If you're feeling called to get started, lean into it!


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Take the leap. You deserve to be happy, healthy, and healed!!